Hammonds House Museum



Education at Hammonds House museum

The Hammonds House Museum has a long history of designing and delivering programming to children and youth. Our programming has included one day activities focused on storytelling, youth film festivals, school based tours, engagement with artists, art making and week-long summer art camps. On-site evaluation forms provide us with the feedback we have needed to ascertain the level of satisfaction young people have with our programs and determine how to improve. We have learned that children, their families and educators greatly enjoy our programming. They discover something new about an artist, artistic works, culture and themselves which feeds their desire to know more, experience more and expand beyond their boundaries.

Hammonds House Museum Field Trip Experience

Hammonds House Museum presents 3-4 exhibitions each year. Students who visit the museum will have an opportunity to enjoy a choice of multiple experiences as they pertain to art, creativity and self-awareness. Activities include but are not limited to a docent led museum tour of the current exhibition, a peek into works by master artists in the permanent collection, related hands on activity and a walking tour of local murals and public art around the museum.

Tour Days
Hammonds House Museum will offer this experience on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of each week beginning August 2019.

Museum Experience without walking tour - $10/student, $7/teacher or chaperone
Museum Experience with walking tour - $15/student, $7/teacher or chaperone

Student to Adult Ratio
2 Adults per 20 students

Hammonds House Museum welcomes classes of 40 or less. Please let us know in advance if there are children with physical or learning disabilities so that the we may accommodate them with a restructured program which might better meet their specific needs.


Ravi Windom
Program Manager