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According to a National Endowment for the Arts Research Report, Just 2 percent of all cultural institutions receive nearly 60 percent of all contributed revenue, up approximately 5 percentage points over a decade. The 2 percent cohort is made up of 925 cultural groups that have annual budgets of more than $5 million. (NCCS) These organizations are symphonies, opera companies, regional theaters, art museums, ballet companies and other large institutions – the majority of which focus primarily on Western European fine arts traditions. While most of these institutions have made sincere efforts to broaden participation in the past decade, their audiences remain predominantly white and upper income. 

A report released by Helicon Collaborative in 2017 provides the following data: As the portion of funding to the largest institutions has increased, the portion to smaller groups has declined. Organizations with annual budgets under $1 million represent 90 percent of the universe of nonprofit cultural groups, yet their share of all gifts, grants and contributions has dropped in recent years, from approximately 25 percent to 21 percent of total giving. (NCCS)

Hammonds House Museum understands what these statistics mean to an organization like ours currently and in the long run. We understand the importance of building a base of donors who will commit to giving in support of the organization's visual arts mission, in-school educational initiatives and community focused cultural programming through membership, annual donations, grants, foundation giving or planned giving. The contributions of foundations and individual donors provide a great deal of our annual revenue. We depend on individuals, foundations and government funding to help us maintain a cultural standard as well as advance the culture into the future.Your donation today will help Hammonds House Museum maintain our rich legacy and build a great future!