Hammonds House Museum




Financial and In-Kind support sustains Hammonds House Museum visual arts, education and cultural programming. Your membership enables us to present great art, cultivate audiences and work with artists to increase their capacity to make art that transforms communities.  Your membership matters at Hammonds House Museum. Here are three reasons to give!


LEGACY - Legacy is defined as “something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or from the past”. At a time when African American cultural institutions are disappearing from communities and memory across the country, your membership will secure Hammonds House Museum's legacy of artistic excellence, ongoing upkeep of the permanent collection and the development of legacy pieces. What will you leave to future generations?


LEADERSHIP - Your membership provides critical resources required to present dynamic exhibitions and programs, build organizational capacity, strengthen our operations and expand our role as leaders in our community, the region and the field. When you support the Hammonds House Museum you support the growth, development and sustainability of African American cultural institutions.


LEARNING - Your membership ensures that essential funding for youth and adult education programs is in place to teach our past, examine our present and reach for our future. If African American cultural institutions within communities aren't providing educational opportunities that shape the future of the people in those communities, who is? Who will control our narrative and who will tell our stories?