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Archive: As We Dream: The O.T. Hammonds and Hammonds House Museum Collection

  • Hammonds House Museum 503 Peeples Street Southwest Atlanta, GA, 30310 United States (map)

As we dream and reach for stars we bring with us our kaleidoscopic humanity, our dreams of freedom, our nightmare of bondage, our praise songs and our blues. We find new ways and refine old ones to make our emotions concrete. Our art leave a record of our realities and myths, our acceptance and rejections and those who commit to collecting our collective visions. We make art and hope others will see in our art making our experience and themselves. If we are good at what we do we touch and transform those who see, and inspire them to collect our souls through our art and keep us well. What is a culture without a maker and one who appreciates what is made, not just in the name of commerce but also in the name of legacy?  

The collection Dr. Otis Thrash Hammonds left behind is the foundation upon which Hammonds House Museum was built. With a collective of progressive women and men we have been able to continue the legacy of collecting, preserving and inspiring a new vision. As We Dream is a beautiful show curated from our permanent collection by former Hammonds House Museum curator Kevin Sipp. We hope that the work inspires you, gives you a glimpse into what has been accomplished over the past 30 years and moves you to become a patron of the culture you so dearly love.